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A dental bridge is a non-removable prosthesis that is attached to the remaining natural teeth.

A fixed bridge fills the space of missing teeth, helps uphold facial shape, prevents remaining teeth from shifting out of position, and rebuilds chewing and speaking ability.

What is the process of getting a fixed bridge?

  • Two or more visits are typically required
  • A portion of enamel is removed to allow for a crown
  • A highly precise mold is created and sent to a dental laboratory for fabrication
  • A temporary bridge is made and worn until your next appointment
  • When ready, the permanent bridge is checked and properly fit

What are the negatives of getting a fixed bridge?

Because the natural teeth that sit on either side of the bridge are forced to accept the application, these teeth may become disposed to to bacterial plaque buildups, decay, periodontal disease, and the potential need for future root canals.

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