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One of the fastest and most effective ways to achieve a beautiful new smile is with porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are very thin ceramic coverings that are used to change the appearance of teeth and to correct minor structural flaws. They can be used to permanently whiten teeth, correct tooth shape, cover chips or fix mildly crooked teeth —

Natural-Looking Results

The doctors provide veneers that look aesthetic and natural. They have transformed thousands hundreds of patients smiles using veneers or  a combination of veneers and other cosmetic procedures. “We do meticulous planning prior to the creation and placement of the veneers to ensure proper function and a beautiful, natural-looking smile,” says Dr. Jahangiri. “I’ve never had a patient that wasn’t completely satisfied with the results.”

Minimal-Prep & No-Prep Veneers

Traditional veneers require some shaving down of tooth enamel so that the end result is not too bulky. However, the fabrication of new, stronger porcelains has enabled dentists to use ultra thin veneers in certain cases. These ultra thin veneers require little to no enamel removal. The doctor can determine if a patient is a candidate for minimal- or non prep veneers during an examination.

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