New Teeth in One Day

Tired of loose dentures? Are your teeth too broken-down to chew your food?

Dr. Jahangiri, Clinical Director, SCFD & Portside Dentistry, provides new fixed-in teeth during a one-day procedure. Now you can eat your favorite foods, smile with confidence and enjoy an improved quality of life! Dr. Jahangiri can transform your smile by permanently replacing your teeth using a cutting-edge procedure called New Teeth in One Day. Your new teeth will be stable and look natural, and they won’t slip or irritate your gums. Dr. Jahangiri can replace a full upper or lower arch by placing a minimum of four specially designed implants. Dr. Jahangiri strategically places the implants at angles so that your new teeth are stably secured to the densest areas of the upper and lower jaw bone, thus eliminating the need for bone grafting. Dr. Jahangiri has successfully provided this treatment, even to patients suffering from severe bone loss after wearing dentures. New Teeth in One Day is the most affordable option for fixed in, full-arch tooth replacement.

How New Teeth in One Day Works

Step 1: Implant Placement

The implants are angled and placed in a way that provides maximum stability for the new teeth.

Step 2: Retaining Screws & Replacement Teeth

The new teeth are securely screwed onto the implants, preventing any issues with shifting or slippage.

Step 3: Fixed In Place

The replacement teeth are fixed in place and will look, act and feel just like natural teeth.

3D Technology for Precise Treatment

Our 3D CT scanner provides detailed images of the entire mouth in 360-degree view.

To find the areas of densest bone and the best locations to place implants, Dr. Jahangiri takes full 3D x-rays using a dental CT scanner. He uses special treatment planning software for precise implant placement. Dr. Jahangiri creates a surgical guide that he places over the gums during the implant surgery. The surgical guide is key to ensuring that the implants are accurately and efficiently placed. Dr. Jahangiri can provide any needed tooth extractions on the same day.

Beautiful, Durable New Teeth

Once Dr. Jahangiri has placed your implants, he will immediately provide you with beautiful, fixed-in temporary teeth. These teeth are worn while your implants fully integrate with the jawbone. Once your implants have healed, Dr. Jahangiri will permanently place your beautiful new teeth. The final teeth are made of an ultra-strong and lifelike dental ceramic called zirconia. Zirconia is one of the most recent advances in dental materials. Your new teeth will provide you with nearly the full chewing power of natural teeth. Dr. Jahangiri works closely with his dental lab and does everything possible to ensure that you are happy with your new teeth and that they result in a well-aligned bite and complement your features. He will even have one of the technicians provide you with a direct consultation if necessary.

Free Consultation

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