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Crown lengthening enhances the gum tissues and prepares the mouth for other medical procedures. Even more, crown lengthening corrects the exposure of excessive gum tissue. Crown lengthening exposes more of the teeth by molding the gum tissue.

Benefits of crown lengthening:

Restores damaged teeth: Lengthening restores the damaged teeth where teeth have been impaired beneath the gum line.

Cosmetics: Removing additional gum tissue in order to provided a healthy and beautiful appearance for your smile.

Dental crowns: Delivers space where the jawbone and dental crown meet, which averts the new crown from damage to the bone and gum.

What does crown lengthening involve?

Crown lengthening is usually done under local anesthesia and the duration is contingent upon the number of teeth involved in the procedure. The periodontist will make cuts that will separate the gum tissue from the teeth. Generally, the periodontist must remove some of the surrounding bone on the roots of the teeth in order to successfully finish the procedure. If the patient obtains any temporary crowns, they must be removed before the procedure starts. They will be reattached after the procedure is over. The periodontist may also prescribe pain relieve and mouth rinse. A healthy and soft diet will initially be recommended in order for the gums to heal properly. During the brushing of the teeth, the gums must be avoided as well.


After a one to two weeks, a follow-up visit will be initiated to have the stiches removed. Another follow-up visit will be scheduled after four to six weeks to check the condition of the crowns. The gums take about three months to heal, and then the tooth will be prepared for the last crown.

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