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Gum grafting aims to fix a patient’s crooked smile, or to rebuild the gum line in a symmetrical form after periodontitis is treated. A strip of tissue is taken out of the palate and stitched in place over the recession site, which assist in re-molding the gum line. It is a procedure that grafts oral tissue as a means to cover an exposed tooth root surface. Gum grafting may decrease further recession and bone loss. This can successfully decrease tooth sensitivity and improve the esthetics of your smile.

Subepithelial connective tissue graft: Aims to cover exposed roots by detaching tissue from the outer layer of the palate and readjusting it to the area that has experienced gum recession.

Free gingival graft: A layer of tissue is detached from the palate and adjusted to the area impacted by gum recession in order to thicken gum tissue.

Acellular dermal matrix allograft: Involves the donation of a human tissue in order to proceed with the graft and must be medically administered.

Reasons for gum grafting: It usually achieves excellent outcomes and is a regular periodontal procedure patients undergo.

Positive outcomes of gum grafting: 

  • Reduced sensitivity
  • Improved physical appearance
  • Improved gum health

What does gum grafting treatment involve?

The gum grafting process is typically accomplished under local anesthesia.  The form of the procedure is contingent upon where the tissue is derived from: the patient’s palate or a tissue bank.

In order for small pockets to be created, small incisions will be made at the recipient site to maintain the graft.  Afterwards, the dentist will make an incision to graft the connective tissue into the space between the two sections of tissue.  In order to alleviate the graft and seize movement, sutures are implemented in the procedure. The surgical area is guarded during the initial stages of healing. Consistency and recovery of the gums will be achieved in approximately six weeks.

Please ask your dentist if you have any questions about gum grafting.

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