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Periodontal disease is a tremendously severe and progressive condition, which can lead to tooth loss if left untreated. This is caused when a bacterial infection in the gum pockets force the bone and gum tissue to diminish away from the teeth. Regenerative procedures can stop the development of the disease and protect the teeth.

Types of Regeneration:

  • Bone Regeneration:
    • Autogenous Bone Graft: This type of bone graft is harvested from the patient’s own body and produces the most predictable results.
    • Allograft Bone Graft: This type of graft uses cadaver or synthetic bone.
    • Xenograft: Cow bone is used in this type of graft.
  • Gum Tissue Regeneration: A discolored and unattractive smile may result from periodontal disease. A gum graft is responsible for covering any exposed tooth roots and promoting healthy gums once again.
  • Pocket Reduction Surgery: Bacteria and tartar will be eliminated by gently pulling back the gums from the teeth during pocket reduction surgery. An antimicrobial liquid may be used to remove remaining bacteria. Minor stitches may be required, and could be removed after 5-10 days.
  • Scaling and Root Planing: Scaling is generally performed using special dental instruments and an ultrasonic scaling tool. Root planing is the procedure of smoothening the root surfaces and eliminating any infected tooth structure.

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