Soft Tissue Grafting

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Soft Tissue Grafting

Gum recession (receding gums) occurs when gum tissue wears away and exposes more of the tooth’s root. This may make it easier for disease-causing bacteria to build up, due to gaps that develop between the teeth and gum line.

In such cases, soft tissue grafting may drastically help fight gum recession.

Types of Soft Tissue Graft:

  • Free gingival graft: This graft thickens existing tissue by removing a strip of tissue from the roof of the mouth and stitching it to the grafting site. This helps excel natural growth.
  • Connective tissue graft: A subepithelial connective tissue is taken from a tiny flap in the mouth and placed onto the grafting site.
  • Pedicle graft: The affected site and adjacent gum share soft tissue during the pedicle graft.

Incentives of soft tissue grafting

Soft tissue grafting increases comfort, beautifies your smile and improves the health of your gum. It covers exposed root, fights against sensitivity, and improves aesthetics.

What is the soft tissue grafting process?

  • Deep cleaning is performed first.
  • A small opening is made in effort to create a small pocket at the receiving site.
  • A split thickness opening is made in this pocket.
  • The contributing tissue is inserted between the two sections of this area.
  • The wound site will be closed to stop shifting.
  • Surgical material is inserted to guard the sensitive area.
  • Healing will occur during the first six weeks after the procedure.

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