What is an Orthodontist?

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Orthodontists are qualified dentists who enrolled in an extended two- or three-year university to gain extensive clinical experience and education. The regulating body for this branch of dentistry is The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO).

Orthodontists are specialists when it comes to correcting misalignments of the teeth and jaw, such as underbites, overbites, overcrowding and aesthetic issues.

What types of treatments do orthodontists use?

Dental braces: Teeth are often trained into appropriate alignment by the use of brackets and archwire, using either metal, ceramic or clear materials.

Headgear and facemasks: Overbites, underbites or other developmental problems are corrected using headgear and facemasks. These solutions strengthen the teeth and jawbone toward alignment.

Retainers: In order to ensure that the teeth do not begin to move back towards their original positions, an orthodontist usually provides retainers. Retainers are typically worn until the underlying bone has amended into the correct position.

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